A Globally Thrilling Sport: Racing Quadcopters!

Racing quadcopters is becoming and more and popular, but first let’s take a look at what quadcopters are, and why people like to race quadcopters. At first glance, a quadcopter resembles an average remote controlled toy. Much unlike generic RC-operated machines, quadcopters are actually expensive and even dangerous. This is not a hobby for your 4-year old cousin! Racing quadcopters involves high-speed racing and high-tech drones.

There Are Many Types of Races.Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you can build or buy your own quadcopter! One reason quadcopters are becoming more popular, is because you can build your own. Many people enjoy not only racing their drones, but also building them. Building your own drone is half the fun for engineer-types. There are also many different types of racing, for the competitor in you! Rotorcross, timed trial, and drag races are a few of the most popular types of racing.

It’s a Global Sport!Some people also enjoy racing quadcopters , because it is a team sport, and you can find racing friends even on the world-wide web! Check out https://fpvracing.tv/pilots to meet other racing pilots, and share your interest with other racing enthusiasts. This hobby is taking off all over the world, becoming more and more popular, and it is connecting people globally, thanks to the help of our growing technology age. Its popularity is growing because you can compete with others online from India to Italy to the USA! Your requirements: an FPV quadcopter and a large area to fly your copter (approximately the size of a football field). Many people are drawn to flying quadcopter because it is an emerging sport globally that attracts bright and creative minds!

Fun and ThrillingPeople all over the world discover that racing quadcopters is not only fun, but thrilling; its popularity is growing, and will only continue to grow. Some who enjoy the thrill of racing, also enjoy the attention racing gets. This hobby allows you to push your own bounds of creativity, and expand your mind. Others enjoy putting in cameras into their drones, as an opportunity to see amazing views from the sky. By inserting a camera and using first-person googles you can see live film of what your copter is flying over!

This is a certainly an interest for a creative person, a thrill seeker, a person who loves competition and challenge, an artist, an engineer, and or someone who wants to see the world, by using their own power and skills. If you are interested in learning more about racing quadcopters you can see videos all over the internet, on YouTube, and on racing websites, so you can see what quadcopters see!

A Quadcopter buying Guide For Beginners

We all have this new hobby that we discovered lately, and would really love to engage in it more, while at the same time be good at it. Anyone who has tried piloting a quadcopter and really want to get better at it, then this article is for you. For most beginners, the one question that they would love answered is, the best quadcopter model to choose and how to obtain it. However, when it comes to this hobby there is more to consider than just the best model in the market. To chose a quadcopter that will well suite you, you have to consider your skill level, your knowledge of the hobby, budget and your interest in the hobby.To make it easier to chose a quadcopter consider the following factors:Skill level some individuals are naturally gifted with handling tools and operating gadgets. If you are natural or handy when it comes to using tools, then maybe it wold is more satisfying to assemble a quadcopter than to buy a ready to fly one. Such individuals are also fast learners and will take a shorter time to learn how to fly a quadcopter. Budget Depending on your budget, there are various options to choose from. If you are operating on a tight budget, then the number of alternatives to choose from become limited. The devices that will be available for you maybe of lesser quality and offer limited capabilities than a more expensive one would offer. Cheap quadcopters can be really hard to fly, because of the limited capabilities. Such quadcopters can be really fun to fly, though, and you get to learn a lot about piloting quadcopters.On the other hand, if you are willing to invest a lot in your hobby, more options will be available for you. Expensive quadcopters feature sophisticated electronics that making the flying experience simpler and easier. The capabilities are far more advanced to increase stability. The more stable a quadcopter is, the easier it will be to maneuver.KnowledgeBefore deciding on which quadcopter model to buy, time should be taken for research. A lot of time should be spent in getting to know how a quadcopter works. There are various variations in hardware capabilities with the different models available. Knowing how the hardware function will help you appreciate the experience more. There are a lot of reviews to read and watch online that will help in familiarizing yourself with quadcopters. Research on the various simulators available to use in familiarizing with the whole process of piloting a quadcopter. This way the real piloting will be much easier.Interest Some beginners are interested in quadcopters with cameras. There are many models available out there with cameras. For beginners, though, this should come as a secondary focus. The primary focus should be on mastering flying techniques and get better at piloting. For those beginners who are confident of their piloting skills, it is advisable to buy cheaper models with cameras. A model with a few channels say four, and one that is easy to fly should be considered.Conclusionin general, it is wise to consider an easy to fly, sturdy and inexpensive model to buy when you are a beginner of this hobby. For beginners, crashes are inevitable, therefore a sturdy model will come in handy. An easy to fly quadcopter model with sophisticated electronics will not offer a lot to learn about this hobby. A beginner should choose a hard to fly model from which a lot can be learned. At this stage camera and other sophisticated capabilities are not important. A key focus is on flying techniques and mastery in them, therefore consider a model with no cameras.Beginners should choose remote controlled quadcopters popularly known as (RC quadcopter) which are easy to control and fun to fly.